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She is able to convey the confusions, distress, and yearnings of a parent deeply worried about her son, but also the moments of sheer joyfulness at watching this engagingly 'different' child grow and learn. Her story has it all--happy, sad, serious, funny--and all at the same time. It's must reading for parents and important reading for professionals.

She and her family reside in Oregon. Nicky has autism. This book was one of the first autobiographies written by a parent of a child with autism and it continues to inspire both parents and professionals in the autism community. Read more Read less.

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Review "I read, loved it, and wept all the way. No customer reviews.

Playin' With My Friends

Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. April 20, - Published on Amazon. This compelling book will touch the heart of any parent with its exquisite expression of love against despair. But when this mother begins to detect odd behaviors in her son at about 18 months, she faces a growing nightmare. Yet even in her desperation, the anchor of her deep love shines through. And the moments of eloquent insight are thrilling.

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Though the subject is autism, anyone who faces difficult struggles with a child can find inspiration in this book, as the author describes with honesty and humor not just the frustrations, but the sheer joy in every breakthrough. June 15, - Published on Amazon. Nicky Gerlach was diagnosed with autism as a toddler and his behavior clearly placed him on the spectrum.

Scant mention is made of his brother Ben, some 18 months his junior. Early in the book Gerlach and her husband parted company. Readers learn that she has two siblings; a father who had alcohol issues and a grandfather who taught her to drive on a really cool car, a Ford Falcon! I just loved that part. I always did love a Ford Falcon, a Better Idea car! That Falcon netted this book an extra star. My only real disappointment is that this book impressed me as being more of a desultory stroll through life with autism as opposed to offering more insights.

I also thought the tone was more from the cerebrum than heartfelt; it seemed to be written in a rather impersonal "reporting" style. Not that I find that bad; it's just that given the subject matter, the skimming through Nicky, Ben and Gerlach's lives together seemed rather rushed than fleshed out. Nicky was plainly a bright boy who did thrive in social settings. Luckily he was able to remain mainstreamed with the help of an aide.

He also enjoyed birthday parties, whereas his friend John did not because John did not like the smell of latex balloons. One of Nicky's hard won victories was being able to shift, albeit slightly from rigid adherence. With the help of a capable therapist, he could sing, "sailing on the ocean blue, but NOT purple.


Nicky's behavior made sense. When he appeared to be randomly quoting a passage he had heard or read about sheep being sheared, his grandmother asked him if he meant by that if he was hot. Nicky said he was hot.

That was his way of opening the door to try to communicate that message. That was an eye opener.

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  • So was his wish, at age 6 to be a screwdriver because as a screwdriver, he could spin with impunity as much as he liked. That made perfect sense. Wonderful quote. I was so amazed to realize how these slight nuances pointed me to think on my Creator. It is always good to join you here! I have to adjust my attitude as the season changes. Once I resign myself, I slip into that wonder. Thank you for your inspiration each week, Sandra!

    I love being part of this mutual admiration society. Sandra, one week ago today, I was blessed with my newest granddaughter, Grace. My oldest grandson, Andrew, is medically fragile needing round the clock care. He is our precious miracle!

    Glimpses of My Friend the King

    As you can imagine, my time has not been my own. But each morning when I rise after I tend to Andrew I head out onto my deck to breathe in the beauty. Today I was thrilled and excited to see my little yellow finches, a scarlet Tanager, mourning doves and my first backyard hummingbird. After praising God and thanking him for these beautiful blessings, I came inside to tell the girls and who is hanging on a postcard but a praying mantis.

    We just stood in wonder before I gently took him or her outside t9 the safety of the vines. Shortly after, ready to venture off to Mass, as I walked to my car, a butterfly fluttered overhead and I felt like my heart would burst. Reading your quote from Tara Owens and the Scripture verse from Paul to the Romans filled my heart again as I thought about my family, my deck sightings, my worship…all glimpses of the glory of God! I hear your thoughts, your prayers, your praise and thanksgiving…I see you especially in your brokenness.

    I am so glad you opened the eyes and ears of your heart today to be still and know that I am God! Oh my gosh, Mary. Here I am with tears leaking down my cheeks.

    admin – glimpses

    And yet… I needed to see it late. I needed to see it today. Thank you, thank you, thank you, friend, for sharing your glimpses of glory. And may God continue to give you rest and strength as you pour yourself out for your loved ones. You are loved.