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Introduction : I. History , II.

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How to Read Entries , and IV. Slocum, Robert B. Stone, Martha and Michael Wofsey. Bail, Hamilton Vaughan. Excellent detailed discussion , with "Supplementary List" ; frequently cited herein as Bail Baxter, Sylvester. The New England Magazine N. Carruth, Frances Weston. Organized tour of Boston with photographs and drawings to illustrate passages and references in fiction of Hawthorne, Howells, and James, as well as authors much less read today New York: McClure, Phillips, Hollister, Robert M.

The Ripper of Red Street: A Detective Carrie Boston Crime Novella

Imagining Boston: A Literary Landscape. Boston : Beacon Press, Excellent modern study Ranalli, Ralph. No pictures, but interesting discussion of writers mainly unread today Also, notes series of five papers "last year" in Literary Review by Herbert Copeland, which I have not yet found. Whiting, Lillian. Greenberg, and Frank D. McSherry, Jr. Murder and Mystery in Boston. New York: Dembner Books, 13 stories listed individually. Auchincloss, Louis. Emmons, 25 pages Holmes, Oliver Wendell.

Bicentennial Poetry Martin, William. Back Bay. New York: Crown, Amazon and Google Books Founders to Bounders: Boston in Rhyme. Cambridge, Mass. Adams, John Turvill. Boston two hundred years ago, or, The romantic story of Miss Ann Carter, daughter of one of the first settlers, and the celebrated Indian chief, Thundersquall ; with many humorous reminiscences and events of olden time.

Young Lady. An humble intercession for the distressed town of Boston now almost deserted by its former rightful inhabitants, many of whom have fled, chusing to take refuge in the woods and caves, for the sake of liberty, rather than to live in splendor and affluence among slaves and tyrants; which place is at present under the government of a lawless British soldiery Gage Salem [Mass.

Osgood and Co. Penelope's Suitors Boston: Ticknor and Co. A Woman of Shawmut. The New England Magazine 8. The Puritans Wheaton, Ill. An American]. Dirk Zimmer. Mercy Short: A Winter Journal, North Boston, New York: Dutton, Juvenile "With the help of the respected minister Cotton Mather, a young girl attempts to recover from her tragic experience with the Indians which has led her to believe she is bewitched.

They are ripe for reversal on Saturnalia, the ancient Roman holiday on which masters and slaves exchange places" [source? Calligraphy of the Witch New York: St. Shaw and Co. Amazon and Google Books Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Edition: A new ed. A Romance of the Bay province Boston: H. Williams, Heidish, Marcy. Charles Towne Wheaton, Ill.

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Thesis B. Arthur Dimmesdale.

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Crosby and H. Lough, Loree. Mitchner, James A. Michael Curtis Boston: Houghton Mifflin, [? Rimmer, Robert H. Mary Lee. Internet Archive ] Starkey, Marion Lena. Anderson and Stimson, Stokes, Richard L. Austin, Jane G.

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I Amazon , Vol. II Amazon and Vol. II Google Books 18th Centuries. Abel, Roger H. Aeby, Jaquelyne. Called to the Front. Sequel to "A Son of Liberty. Society, Revolution Anderson, M. The Convert of Massachusetts Charlestown, Mass. An Elegy, occasion'd by the death of Major-General Joseph Warren, who fell fighting in defence of the glorious cause of his country, at Charlestown, in New-England, on the memorable 17th day of June, [Watertown, Mass.

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A Poem, in memory of the never to be forgotten fifth of March, On the evening of which, a party of the 29th. Preston, fired upon the inhabitants in King-Street, by which five persons were killed viz. Wherein earthquakes in their causes, kinds, and astonishing effects, are briefly hinted, enumerated and described N.

London [i. South End forever.

The Ripper Of Red Street: A Detective Carrie Boston Crime Novella

North End forever Extraordinary verses on Pope-Night. Or, A commemoration of the fifth of November, giving a history of the attempt, made by the Papishes, to blow up King and Parliament, A. Theatre [Boston : s. A Vaudevil Sung by the characters at the conclusion of a new farce called the Boston blockade A Verse, occasioned by seeing the North-spinning, in Boton [sic] Boston: [s. Google Books Amazon and Google Books Banim, Lisa.

Barker, Shirley. The Power of Sympathy Boston: I.